Turks BBQ Boats

FIRE UP THE BBQ & Be Captain For the Day!

Make memories with your friends and family cruising up and down the Thames in your very own BBQ boat. Soak in the gorgeous sights and sounds of the river whilst cooking up some bangers & burgers…

Our BBQ boats can accommodate up to 10 people at a time in slots of 2 hours throughout the summer. Bring your own food and drink and yes YOU actually drive the boat, no need for any special experience just turn up and get steering (after a full safety briefing of course). Just £175.00 for the two hours (Friday – Sunday)

Midweek price: £135.00 (Monday – Thursday)

Whats Onboard?

Full Range BBQ

All of our BBQ boats come with  a full range, multi-shelf gas BBQ

Dining Table

All of our boats come with a dining table that can sit up to 10 people

Cooking Utensils

Everything you need to get them sausages a sizzlin…


How long is the booking?

Sailing/Grilling time is 2 hours, please arrive 15 minutes before your start time for a full briefing, please note if you arrive late this will eat into your booking time and we are unable to extend.


The following slots are available: 
  • 09:30 – 11:30
  • 10:00 – 12:00
  • 12:30 – 14:30
  • 13:00 – 15:00
  • 15:30 – 17:30
  • 16:00 – 18:00

How many people does it take and what's the cost?

10 people, this number does include children (for 2 hours)

£175.00 (Friday – Sunday)

£135.00 (Monday – Thursday)

Where do you sail from?

Kingston Town End Pier, just on the edge of Portsmouth Road where it meets High Street.

Is there parking nearby?

The Rose Theatre Car park and The Bittoms are the closest car parks. However there are many more
to choose from in the Town Centre.

Whats the closest train/bus station?

Surbiton Train station is a 20 minute walk from the pier
Kingston Train station is a 15 minute walk from the pier
Kingston town centre is a hub for buses, there are many to choose from depending on which direction you’re coming from.

Can we hire a skipper?

Afraid not, but fear not, our BBQ boats are extremely easy to drive.

Do I need previous experience?

Absolutely not, no licence or experience needed, just some basic
common sense will have you a top BBQ boat captain in no time!

Do you tell us everything we need to know?

There will be a full safety briefing before you set sail, this
will include everything you will need to know.

What are the operating Hours?

Our boats are booked in slots, please check below for available sailing times…

What about the weather?

The BBQ boats operate in most weather conditions. If you’re concerned about the weather please contact us by email admin@turks.co.uk at least 48 hours prior to your
booking slot if you wish to cancel or reschedule. We won’t be able to offer any refunds or reschedule you if you try to cancel within the 48 hour period.

Do I need to bring anything?

Food and drink! We’ve got cutlery sets for purchase via the booking system or on site when you arrive. We can also provide
you with glassware, please ask the team on the day.

Can I Drink?

The Captain(s) must remain sober. Passengers can enjoy a drink however we limit the volume to the following:

– No spirits! All Sailors love a tot of rum but sadly you must go without your daily ration of hard spirits and stick to the beer or wine!

– Either; two bottles/cans per person of standard strength beer, lager or pre-mixed spirits can be consumed.

– Or, one 750ml bottle of wine/champagne/prosecco between every two people.

Can I smoke?

All BBQ boats are non-smoking

Are children allowed?

Of course! We have buoyancy aids for all

What safety measures are in place?

We’ve got buoyancy aids for all. High railings surround the vessel, you’ll get a full briefing on how to operate the vessel
before you depart

What if I or a member of my party are late?

we won’t be able to give you extra time as this
may affect subsequent bookings. Please let us know
as soon as possible by calling 02085462434.

Is there a Deposit?

We’ll take a £100.00 security deposit on the day to be held against any loss of BBQ boat accessories. Any permanent damage (as accessed by Turk Launches engineer) carries a
maximum fee of £1000.00. See the T’s and C’s for further details.

BBQ Boat Ayes & Nays

Please observe the below safety measures, they are designed to keep you and your party safe whilst on the water...

Have A Great Time

The River is the best place to be (if you ask us), enjoy the sights, sounds and smells (mostly BBQ
smells) as you cruise up and down.

Use Heat Proof Gloves

(provided), they’re there for a reason. We’d hate for you to burn your fingers!

Remain Seated

Unless moving around the vessel, it keeps it more stable! Take plenty of photos and share them on insta @turksbbqboats #bbqboat

Be Careful

Bring the boat back in one piece and be observant of hazards in and around the water…

Keep The Boat Tidy

We’ll happily take your rubbish for you when you leave!

Children Must Wear Buoyancy Aids

Ensure children wear a buoyancy aid as appropriate for their weight. (these are provided)

Dress Weather Appropriately

Ensure you’ve got plenty of sunscreen and check the forecast on your day of sailing.

Drink Responsibly...

Please ready our FAQ around our alcohol policy. Note the person responsible for driving the boat cannot drink by law. 

Don't Play With Fire

Cook only food, do not try to burn anything other than your burgers.

No Smoking

All of our boats operate a no smoking policy… (the only thing that should be smoking is the BBQ!)

Don't Chuck Anything Overboard

Please respect the river and wildlife or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes… 

Don't Jump Overboard

Even though it might be tempting on a hot day, you must stay on the boat at all times….

Don't Rock The Boat (baby)

Boats like to stay upright, rocking the boat could spill your drink and end up with your burger feeding the fishes!

Stay Onboard

Don’t leave the boat unattended or stop at any pier except the one you
depart from.

Did we mention have a great time?

Above all we want you to have a fantastic time out on the water!

Make A Booking Request.
Please note, bookings are not confirmed until payment is made


Phone : 020 8546 2434 Email : admin@turks.co.uk